The facsimile edition of the Gospels of Mark and John by Irakli Parjiani, the purchase includes both books, the books were prepared for publication by European specialists, Facsimile was printed in Turkey, Price $2000
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Product Provider data
Smart Innovation, LLC, company code: 405407581, registered address: Georgia, Tbilisi, ShalvaNutsubidze street #14b, apartment 54
Registering authority: LEPL National Agency of Public Registry
e-mail: [email protected]

About Product
Facsimile print edition of gospels of Mark and John handwritten and illustrated by the Georgian artist Irakli Parjiani.

Physical characteristics of the product
Gospels of Mark
Number of internal pages 148
Size of internal pages 17,5*24 cm
Leatherette covered hardcover, gold blocking on cover, gold gilt edges, with gold blocking per page
The book are placed in a box with a magnetic lid. The box will be covered with the same material used for the book cover and will have gold blocking.

Gospels of John
Number of internal pages 116
Size of internal pages 29,7*41,2 cm
Hardback covered with artificial leather, Gold Blocking on Cover, Gilded Edges in Gold, with gold blocking on one page
The book will be placed in a box with magnetic lid. The box will be covered with same material used for the book cover and will have gold blocking on its cover.

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In case of non-delivery of the product caused by the inaccuracy of the address or by the absence of the person authorized to receive the product, the latest shall be returned back to the sender.
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The buyer is authorized to notify in written form Product provider if the product has any defect within 5 days since it is received. Such notification shall be sent along with photo and/or video materials describing the defect. After this term is expired none of the claims shall be accepted.

Obligations of the buyer
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To receive the product
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Do not make any copy of the product, do not distribute it in any form – material or non-material, electronic.

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The decision of the court of first instance made in favor of the Product Provider shall be immediately executed/enforced.

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